Assembly Tools

We are proud to be your one-stop-shop for all parts of the assembly process with state-of-the-art solutions for every level of use.

We handle products for all parts of the assembly process

DC Electric Tools

Transducerized Tools

  • Extremely flexible
  • Multi-torque/multi-angle
  • Quiet

Current Control Tools

  • Torque control through monitoring of the current draw
  • Flexibility like transducerized tools, but less accurate
  • Lower price than transducerized tools


  • Availability of many different levels of use, from very basic to extremely sophisticated
  • Communication to the outside world via the Ethernet and other protocols
  • Error proofing – ensures that all fasteners installed on a given part
  • Traceability – storage of thousands of readings
  • Accountability – ability to record the operator using the tool
  • Data collection – storage of thousands of data points
  • Networkability
    • Ability to program remotely
    • Support from backup programs
    • Joint analysis – plot graphical Traces:
      • Torque
      • Angle
      • Time
      • Current
      • Temperature
      • Speed

Pneumatic Tools

  • Lower acquisition cost
  • Not as sharply accurate, but good for many basic applications

Cordless Power Tools

  • Transducerized
  • Comes with a shut-off clutch