Socket Covers

Covers for protecting your valuable assets

ATI offers standard and custom-designed covers for virtually any socket, extension, or adapter.  

If you think an ATI socket cover might assist you in overcoming some of the challenges you face in protecting your valuable assets, please fill out the form below or just give us a call.  We’ll help you figure it out.

A low-cost / high quality alternative with fast turnaround

Our covers are manufactured in our Louisville facility to your exact specifications.  Our solutions are often a fraction of the cost of other options in the marketplace, and our lead times are very attractive.

A Proven System that makes covering easy

We provide multiple resources that allow you to quickly determine the exact cover needed for your particular application.  Our system is undoubtedly the easiest in the industry.  We will help you determine the covers you need based on one of the following methods:

  • Part number of the item to be covered
  • Utilizing our laminated chart for building your own part number
  • Based on exact measurements you can perform in your facility
  • ATI can visit your facility and perform a complete audit

For Sockets

Bare Socket

The socket pictured here is an Apex MB-13MM23

Full Cover

The Entire Length of the socket has been covered.

Partial Cover

Each socket diameter has a base length which allows for covering just the top of the sockets.  Many sockets of different lengths share common diameters.

For Extensions

Bare extension

Pictured here is an Apex EX-376-6 extension.

extension cover

extension with full length cover