Socket Trays

ATI Standard and Custom Socket Trays extend the power of your Assembly Systems

ATI Manufactures standard socket trays and designs custom socket trays that allow customers to use the full power of their Assembly Systems.  Our socket trays are designed with a great deal of flexibility, providing options on their exact method of implementation.

Our products work with most brands of DC electric corded and battery systems.

Theory of Operation

Modern  assembly systems allow the user to program their tools to run many different torque / angle strategies.  Utilizing a socket tray allows the user to assign each socket position to a torque strategy that has been programmed by the user.  When an operator pulls the socket for the desired torque strategy, the correct fastening strategy is selected within the tool controller.  Our system will allow the tool to operate when one, and only one, socket is pulled from the tray.  If no sockets have been pulled, or if multiple sockets have been pulled, the system is disabled until this fault condition is cleared.

If you think an ATI socket tray might assist you in overcoming some of the challenges you face in your assembly operations, please fill out the contact form.  We’ll help you figure it out.