Introducing Yokota’s Advanced Battery System Wrenches

Achieve Unparalleled Assembly Efficiency with Yokota

In a world where precision and efficiency dictate production success, Yokota Battery System Wrenches emerge as the cornerstone of innovation. Engineered for excellence, these tools embody the fusion of advanced technology with the practical needs of modern assembly. ATI Technologies proudly introduces a line of Yokota wrenches that redefine industry standards, ensuring that your assembly process is not just streamlined, but also superior in every facet.

Noise Reduction

Work in comfort with Yokota’s low-noise pulse tools, designed to reduce workplace noise pollution.

Low Vibration Technology

An ergonomic design ensures operations can work longer without the need for additional hand protection, improving productivity and safety.

Accuracy and Repeatability

Yokota’s precision tools hit target torque ranges essential for high-end manufacturing, offering reliability where it matters most.

User-Friendly Interface

Tools feature a straightforward red/green light system, signaling successful operations and reducing user error.

Lightweight for Maximum Efficiency

Our tools provide a superior weight-to-torque ratio, enabling faster and less strenuous work.

Speed of Performance

Yokota’s high-speed wrenches increase your assembly line’s efficiency without sacrificing quality.

YS-E Series

YS-E6007-203.83/8″ Sq Dr
YS-E600A5-183.81/4″ Hex
YS-E80015-353.93/8″ Sq Dr
YS-E800A10-303.91/4″ Hex
YS-E90030-504.23/8″ Sq Dr
YS-E95040-604.33/8″ Sq Dr

YZ-TH Series

YZ-E Model
YZ-TH6007-203.13/8″ Sq Dr
YZ-TH600A5-183.11/4″ Hex
YZ-TH80015-353.33/8″ Sq Dr
YZ-TH800A10-303.31/4″ Hex
YZ-TH90030-503.53/8″ Sq Dr
YZ-TH95040-603.73/8″ Sq Dr

Ready to Talk About Yokota Tools for Your Line?

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Detailed Specifications of Yokota Tools

Cordless Operation

Move freely without the constraints of hoses or cables, allowing for a more flexible and organized workspace.

Intelligent Error Detection

Yokota tools offer 100% checks on fastening abnormalities, ensuring the integrity of your assembly.

Quick and Reliable

With high RPM ranges and advanced servo technology, get the job done right, swiftly.

Manuals and Downloads

Access comprehensive product guides and detailed specifications to make an informed decision.

Dedicated ATI Technologies Support and Assurance

Technical Expertise

ATI Technologies doesn’t just supply tools – we become your steadfast operational ally, delivering comprehensive support that extends far beyond the initial purchase. Our commitment is to provide holistic solutions, ensuring that the tools you procure are not just products but integral parts of your workflow. We stand beside you in the field with full set-up assistance, installation, and programming. Our expertise stretches to extensive on-site and in-house training, empowering your team with the knowledge to utilize our tools to their fullest potential.

Service and Repair

Dedication to exceptional service is at the heart of ATI Technlogies’ purpose. Our ISO 17025 certification for tool calibration is a testament to our precision and adherence to international standards. We invest in specialized equipment tailored for Yokota products, ensuring that our services are as refined as the tools themselves. And our technicians are industry experts, having received specialized training in Japan and returning with advanced skills to provide you with unparalleled support.

Yokota Accessories

Battery (18V/2.0Ah)

Model #: BPL-1820
Compatibility: YZ & YS-E

Yokota Wireless Unit/Controller
Wireless Unit/Controller

Model #: WU-1
Compatibility: YS-E

Yokota Programming Console
Programming Console

Model #: PC-2
Compatibility: YZ & YS-E

Yokota Connection Cable
Connection Cable

Model #: CC-1
Compatibility: YZ & YS-E


Model #: BC2075MX
Compatibility: YZ & YS-E

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Your Partner in Precision Assembly

ATI Technologies is not just another supplier; we are your strategic partner in precision assembly. With a legacy of excellence, we stand at the forefront of the industry, offering Yokota’s top-tier battery system wrenches. Our unwavering commitment to your success is reflected in our promise to provide integrated solutions, not just tools. We are dedicated to enhancing your production line’s effectiveness, ensuring that every turn of the wrench is a step towards unparalleled quality and reliability.